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Industrial Filtration Accessories

Thermal Care offers equipment and accessories for every facet of your process cooling needs. Our customers can count on Thermal Care to supply the knowledge and equipment they need to solve specific problems and help them take advantage of energy savings.

Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems

Simple solutions for curbing the naturally occurring problems in cooling system water. Engineered to provide control of scale, suspended solids and microbiological growth in cooling tower water.

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Sand Media Filter Filtration Equipment

Filtration Equipment

Our filtration equipment includes SF Series screen filters, BF Series bag filters, PS Series sand media filters and TD Series turbo disc filters.

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Blown Film Coolers

Blown Film Coolers

Available from 200 to 5000 CFM, these units provide uniform cooling for blown film applications. Includes insulated leaving-air chamber, permanent air filter, drip condensate solenoid valve and four temperature gauges.

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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Thermal Care plate and frame heat exchangers can be incorporated into a cooling tower system to isolate contaminated tower water from clean process water while still providing the low cost benefits of a cooling tower system.

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